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How to Choose the Right Storm Damage Contractor

Severe storms often lead to home damage. If your home gets damaged by a severe storm, you will have to find a contractor to help you deal with the repairs. The contractor will inspect and assess your home damage to find the best steps you can take and the possible claims to make. They will also help you deal with the insurance company, easing the burden and making the repair process smoother.

Why Its Important to Choose the Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor can save you a lot of money, time and effort. However, choosing the wrong contractor will make the recovery process more overwhelming than it should be.

An inexperienced contractor is very likely to make mistakes, but your insurance company will not pay out more than once. This means if the contractor lacks insurance coverage for their workers, you run the risk of paying for injuries if an accident should occur.

The wrong contractor may also put you and your family in legal danger. There is a risk of getting involved in frauds or breaking the law unknowingly due to if your contractor should act unlawfully.

You shouldnt have to put your money and safety on the line, so choose the right contactor.

7Tips on Choosing the Right Storm Contractor

Here are some tips to help you choose the right contractor with a peace of mind.

  • Get some referrals from local friends and neighbors who have worked with contractors before. This will reduce your chances of disappointment.
  • Consider certified and experienced contractors that are trained to ensure the highest standards of repair and replacement services.
  • Research Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. GAF CertifiedTM Contractors are required to maintain satisfactory ratings with the BBB in order to retain their certification.
  • Get extensive warranty as some contractors offer manufacturer warranties that may not cover contractors workmanship. This will cover you for mistakes that show up later.
  • Ensure that the contractor has proper licensing and insurance for all workers. You can request for a copy of their insurance certificate to verify.
  • Ask whether they require you to pay your deductible. If they dont, they could be committing insurance fraud and putting you in legal danger.
  • Check whether their material choices include your preferred style. If the insurance company is paying for a roof replacement, consider a style that improves your home resale value.

Consider GAF Certified Contractors

You may want to consider hiring a GAF Certified Contractors. Heres why:

  • GAF only recognizes the top 5% roofing contractors as Certified Contractors.
  • They are required to maintain satisfactory BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings, which you may also want to check out.
  • Certified Contractors usually offer manufacturer warranties that cover contractors workmanship.
  • GAF Certified Contractors must have proper state and city licensing and insurance for all employees and subcontractors. And it should be at least $1 million worth of General Liability coverage.
  • They are flexible to meet your requirements, offering extensive design and color choices for your home.
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March 10, 2020
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