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GAF Energy is Transforming the Residential Solar Industry

GAF Energy is Transforming the Residential Solar Industry

With an aim to generate energy from every roof, GAF energy offers homeowners elegant solar roofing options. GAF energy was launched by Standard Industries in 2019 to take the residential solar rooftop to the next level, and they're doing a great job. Their solar roofing options are innovative, comprehensive and affordable.

The GAF Energy Solar Roofing Kit

GAF Energy's solar roofing kit comes with all the essentials required for installation, including the hardware, power and electronic equipment, the integrated photovoltaics (PV), and flashings.

The system is easy for roofing contractors to install. It screws itself into the deck and is flashed like a skylight installation. The power electronics are out of sight, plugging into each other below the system, and the leads are connected to the inverter.

Roof contractors consider the GAF Energy solar roofing kit because it is:

  • Easy to install after getting proper training. The installation process is very simple and straightforward.
  • Waterproof, ensuring that the barrier of the home remains in place.
  • Elegant and aesthetically appealing, complementing the home design with its lower profile appearance.
  • Very durable and easy to maintain. Homeowners can easily maintain by cleaning dirt and dust with a garden hose.

Collaborating with Roofing Contractors

GAF Energy collaborates with a network of GAF-certified roofing contractors. They initially focused on nine states (California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island), before expanding their reach nationwide.

When collaborating with roofing contractors, GAF Energy first considers various factors of their local area. These factors include the climate, price elasticity, and programs for utility rebates and incentives. If the contractor fits the criteria, GAF Energy provides a multipronged training program to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills set.

The training program typically includes classroom sessions and field training. The full-day classroom sessions focus on sales training with a professional sales trainer. The field training sessions include in-home sales training and on-the-roof training with the relevant field resources.

GAF Energy also works with contractors to provide electrical, design, and connection services if needed. With the homeowner and roofing contractors, they work out which additional services to provide.

What's in it for Homeowners?

Although more and more homeowners prefer to opt for a green energy solution, cost is still a major concern.

If going solar will not save homeowners money, its not worth it. So, GAF Energy focuses on offering the best savings and they only offer their solutions to homeowners who will benefit from their solar kit in the long run. That is, if their initial investment will pay off over time.

As GAF Energy is collaborating with local roofing contractors, homeowners will find it easier to make the transition. The solar kits are also covered with the same warranty as the roof, and Standard Industries offers a waterproof guarantee.

While a new roof can keep you warm and dry for 25 years, a new roof with a GAF Energy solar kit will also generate enough electricity for your daily needs and save you money in the long run. GAF Energy also allows you to maintain the elegant look of your home.

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March 10, 2020
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